Built with years of Lightroom experience

We’ve used Adobe Lightroom since the earliest versions and know it inside-out, but it already has a healthy, vibrant scene for third-party presets and profiles. So we decided if we were going to do stuff for it, we had to bring something new to the table.

So that’s exactly what we did. We took everything we learned from making Imperfect Kodachrome for Capture One and got to work translating it into a really special pack for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. We used the power of Lightroom’s creative profiles to build a hybrid pack, combining the custom profiles with traditional adjustment presets to encapsulate a huge variety of looks, all in a nice clean workflow. We created a unique set which stands out both for quality, and being more sensibly-priced than many Lightroom products which offer far less for a lot more money. 


In future, we hope to release the majority of our packs for both Capture One and Lightroom. For those moving from one raw editor to another or using both), we don’t believe in making you pay full price twice. So owners/buyers of a Capture One pack can pick up the Lightroom version with a 60% discount, and vice versa.

Digistock K10 35mm
LR Defaults


We’ve squeezed everything we can out of Lightroom to recreate the look of a real film scan with exceptional subtlety (along with less extreme versions for those who just want nice colour effects ). 

LR’s film grain engine isn’t great (sorry, Capture One beats the pants off it) – so we err on the side of caution and keep things looking subtle. We also introduce a little softening into the image so you don’t get that razor-sharp digital look. 

However, Lightroom limitations mean our Capture One styles still offer a much closer look to real film scans. 

Digistock K25 Relic
LR Default