The most advanced film styles ever made

Capture One users have never had the same rich third-party ecosystem as Lightroom, sadly. But in the last year or two, a lot of preset companies have realised it’s an expanding market and rushed to get their products ported over to it. The result? Inconsistent, messy styles, which pulling kinds of crazy slider tricks making it hard to adjust further. Expensive packages that released without even supporting basic layer compatibility. 

Not Digistock. 

We started with Capture One and it continues to be our raw editor of choice for professional photography work. Lightroom has some advantages for developers, for sure, with its robust Creative Presets system, but Capture One dominates when it comes to deep control, image quality and realistic film grain.

Our current lineup goes deep, leveraging Capture One’s most advanced features to simulate the look of scanned film realistically. However, we don’t go barging in messing up all your settings – our styles avoid adjusting the main sliders as much as possible.

Our latest Advanced series styles use custom ICC colour profiles based on our test scans shooting the real film, to get the most accurate colours possible. This method is powerful but less flexible, so we also create ‘classic’ adjustment-based styles too, giving you the best of both worlds. 

We’re going back and expanding our earlier releases with free Advanced updates adding new profile-based looks – next up will be the Pro 400 pack (we’re currently shooting test rolls), followed by Portra 400. 


Digistick Tri-X 400 Push+1
C1 Defaults


We’ve squeezed everything we can out of the Capture One engine to recreate the look of a real film scan with exceptional subtlety (along with less extreme versions). 

Here’s some close-ups showing the way we’ve combined C1’s superb grain emulation with softening of details and our unique halation process to create images you’ll find almost indistinguishable from real film scans.

NOTE: The halation effect isn’t a one-click tool due to limitations in the C1 style style system, but it’s one of those extra little things to satisfy real film geeks. 
Digistock 400H Pull+++ 35mm
C1 Default