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Simply add multiple items to your cart for a bundle discount! You’ll get an additional £2 off for each product in your cart:

  • 2 Digistock packs – £24 £20
  • 3 Digistock packs – £36 £30
  • 4 Digistock packs – £48 £40
  • 5 Digistock packs – £60 £50
  • 6 Digistock packs – £72 £60

Not everyone wants to commit to buying lots of stuff at once of course, which is why we also give you 10% of your purchase price back as ‘payback points’.

This is a type of store credit you can redeem for future purchases, with each point equal to £0.01.
So if you spent £30 on 3 packs today, you’ll get £3 in credit to use on a future purchase.


NOTE: All sales are in British Pounds Sterling (£). 

Prices shown in other currencies are estimates only and your final price may differ slightly depending on your payment processor’s conversion rates.