Digistock: analog films recreated in your raw editor, with fair pricing everyone can afford.

We create comprehensive preset and style packs for Capture One and Lightroom, based on classic film stocks. Our custom colour profiles come from shooting, scanning and analysing the real thing under different conditions; unlike other styles they’re accurate enough to satisfy analog lovers, but still subtle and natural enough to use for everyday colour grading. 

Digistock Tri-X 400 +3
C1 Defaults

Say goodbye to expensive packages! Each of our film packs has the same basic fair price, and rather than have various special collections like ‘The Everyday Pack’ or ‘The Wedding Collection’ etc, you can simply pick the products you want, and at checkout we’ll give you a bundle discount based on the number of items in your cart:

  • 2 Digistock packs – £24 £20
  • 3 Digistock packs – £36 £30
  • 4 Digistock packs – £48 £40
  • 5 Digistock packs – £60 £50
  • 6 Digistock packs – £72 £60

Bear in mind each pack is a mini-suite; not a handful of styles but a versatile toolkit with tons of variants and options, designed to capture the look of a particular classic film in different scenarios.

On top of that, we have our loyalty points scheme, where we give you back 10% of your purchase price as credit to be used on future orders!

Simply purchase the styles you want, when you want. Got a project that could use some nice dramatic black and white? Pick up our Tri-X pack. Shooting your first wedding? Maybe you’d find Fuji Pro 400H helps you get those lovely pastel colours people love. You don’t need to pay an eyewatering price for a huge mega-pack full of stuff you don’t need or want. 

And however you buy, you’ll be rewarded. Simply add products to your cart and you’ll get a bundle discount when you check out. Plus every purchase gives you 10% back as store credit, because we’re nice like that. 

Our individual film emulations give you more options, and more character, than the one or two generic variations you’d get in a giant bundle of 50+ films. 


Replicate the look of scanned film as closely as possible, including under different lighting, development conditions and in different formats. 

To get the best results in a raw editor you need to go beyond simple curves and sliders. That’s why our most recent styles use a hybrid approach, mixing adjustments with custom profiles we’ve created after shooting, scanning and analysing analog film. 

Further changes include adding realistic grain, reducing acutance (sharpness), disabling lens corrections, and – uniquely to Digistock – even simulating halation* (the nice glow you get around strong light sources).

*This one’s quite a fiddly process for a subtle effect, we really just include it for the most hardcore film geeks…

Our styles are designed to be versatile, powerful tools, not cheesy filters.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of mojo to professional work, or accurately capture the look of your favourite film, Digistock has you covered.

You don’t want to go the whole hog and totally transform your photo? No worries; by design our packs cover the full spectrum from subtle grading to complete, grainilicious emulation. We test to make sure they work on everything, not just marketing images shot in ideal conditions.

Digistock Portra 400+ 35mm
C1 Defaults
Digistock Ektar 100
Real Ektar film scan

Digistock is all about giving you choice. Do you want a gentle bit of colour grading, or tool to perfectly match your real film shots? Here’s the tools to do both, and everything in-between. 

Do you want to move from Lightroom to Capture One, or vice versa? Well get in touch and I’ll let you grab the LR/C1 versions of your purchased packs for a very small crossgrade fee.

Prefer to use a different site for your purchases? That’s fine, we’re partnered with Filtergrade so Digistock products are available through their marketplace too. We can’t offer the same bundle discounts etc there – though we sell a Capture One bundle which works out the same as buying all the packs through our site. If you purchased products there we can still give you all the same discounts, updates etc – just email. 

Tri-X Grain Digistick Tri-X 400 +1
Tri-X Clean C1 Defaults

We’ve pushed the Lightroom and Capture One engines to their limit to try and replicate the look of scanned film accurately. 

Capture One is particularly strong for this, boasting a fantastic grain engine (though sadly not simulating coloured grain for maximum realism) and a host of tools that let us create digital photos that look almost indistinguishable from film, with accurate grain, acutance and halation. Lightroom is a little less advanced but still creates excellent results. 

Not everybody wants to make their nice crisp digital photos look old and grainy!

We always include clean options so you can use add some of our carefully-profiled colour and contrast without altering the integrity of your image. 

Artifical grain – is it a cheesy effect, a useful matching tool or just a bit of evocative fun? It’s not our place to decide…

Film1 Digistock Ektar 100
Digi Real 35mm Ektar Scan (Noritsu)

Our Capture One Styles are the first to simulate the bloom effects you get around bright light sources. 

It’s not a one-click process but it’s a nice subtle touch. 

Here’s a sample of our latest product, compared against one of the Ektar 100 source film scans used during the creation process.

There’s too many variables to ever get a perfect 1:1 emulation. But when you can get this close, who cares?

Digistock Pro 400H (Halation)
C1 Default


We hope so. Feel free to have a look around and see what takes your fancy.


Film emulation styles for Capture One Pro.
We squeeze everything out of C1's powerful engine, using custom color profiles and advanced techniques to recreate the look of scanned film so accurately, it'll fool film snobs.


Film emulation presets for Adobe Lightroom and ACR.
We use a hybrid approach combining custom profiles and adjustment presets to go beyond the capabilities of Lightroom's sliders alone.